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Distance learning program summer semester 2021

In summer semester 2021, nominated incoming exchange students from our partner universities that cannot join us physically have the possibility to complete their exchange virtually. Below you can find an overview of the classes in distance-learning format. The syllabi and schedules are available in the course catalog. Select the filter "summer semester 2021" and type in the respective course number in the search box. Course registration for all classes takes place between January 28, 2021 at 2PM Vienna time and February 7, 2021 via LPIS.

Make sure to only choose classes that you will be able to attend in full, i.e. especially students from countries outside of Europe should consider the time difference, since participation in online live sessions is required in most courses.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to in case you have any questions or need assistance. Stay informed about developments at WU by regularly checking our COVID-News as well as FAQs pages.

Bachelor level

Course no.Course titleCourse instructor(s)ECTS creditsCourse topic
5833Advanced Issues of European Business LawAlmhofer, Martina6Business Law
4647/4743European Law and EconomicsForgo, Katrin6Business Law
4568Negotiation Management - how to negotiate sustainably and (still) ethicallyKollinger, Iris4Business Skills
5830Social Skills in Dealing with Racism and DiversityBot, Alina2Business Skills
4903Econometrics ILennon Zaninovic, Carolina6Economics
4967Econometrics IIGreve, Jan6Economics
6105Economic Growth of Central and Eastern Europe in the Global Context of the PandemicPucar, Stevo6Economics
5651Foundations in MicroeconomicsBerger, Ulrich6Economics
5050Political Economy and History of Economic ThoughtSchneebaum, Alyssa6Economics
5478Special Topics in Economic Policy: Gender Relations and EconomicsSchneebaum, Alyssa6Economics
4958The US and EU Financial Systems - A Comparative AnalysisZimmerman, Gary6Economics
4700Strategic Management of InnovationDelpero, Alessio/Pohlisch, Jakob6Entrepreneurship and Innovation
5296The Entrepreneurial JourneyReeves, Carol6Entrepreneurship and Innovation
4949Corporate FinanceDe Silva, Hannelore6Finance & Accounting
5067IFRS AccountingNovotny-Farkas, Zoltán6Finance & Accounting
4576Innovating Exchange IndustryWenzl, Martin/Rainer, Thomas6Finance & Accounting
4398Management AccountingRiegler, Christian6Finance & Accounting
5317Service ValuationKoivulehto, Hanna6Finance & Accounting
4061Antisemitism in Austria at WorkAltman, Yochanan6History, Culture and Philosophy
4325Economic HistoryChuchko, Marina6History, Culture and Philosophy
5056Topics in Economic and Social HistoryLampe, Markus/Kisling, Wilfried12History, Culture and Philosophy
4624International Human Resource ManagementDimitrova, Mihaela6Human Resource Management
4094Corporate IT II - Digital TransformationHuman, Soheil6Information Systems
4143IT-Support in Project ManagementEuler-Rolle, Claudia3Information Systems
4800Research Seminar on Information Management and ControlBernroider, Edward6Information Systems
6107Cross-Border Equity ValuationMühr, Christina6International Business
4657Future Trends in International BusinessMassatti, René6International Business
6120Gaining and Maintaining Global Competitive AdvantageSchmeißer, Björn6International Business
4389Global Business EnvironmentLemanski, Michal6International Business
6122International Business and DevelopmentKunczer, Vera6International Business
6104International Business StrategyMohr, Alex6International Business
6119International Strategic AlliancesMohr, Alex6International Business
4625Responsible Global LeadershipMiska, Christof6International Business
5505Sustainable Development across SocietiesMiska, Christof6International Business
6124Agile Leadership in the digital agePattart-Drexler, Helga6Management
4736International ManagementGötze, Elisabeth6Management
4660Sustainable Business: Managing for TomorrowSchmidt, Alice6Management
5903Consumer PsychologyMang, Valentin6Marketing
6165Discover Tourism: Current Issues and ChallengesKastner, Margit/Bauer-Krösbacher, Claudia6Marketing
6230Fashion MarketingBayraktar, Azra6Marketing
4505Global B-2-B MarketingChakrabarti, Ronika6Marketing
4366Global BrandingHaas-Kotzegger, Ursula6Marketing
4260Global Marketing CommunicationSharma, Kirti6Marketing
4081Global Marketing ResearchMakri, Aikaterini6Marketing
4863Global Media MarketingKoppel, Alexander6Marketing
5315Marketing for the climate crisisValendin, Jan6Marketing
4569Marketing in Emerging MarketsAwanis, Sandra6Marketing
5972Marketing ManagementKaiser, Ulrike6Marketing
4492Research Topics in International MarketingMakri, Aikaterini6Marketing
5447Social Media MarketingWolters, Mark6Marketing
5888Digital Supply Chain ManagementPulsfort, Johannes/Groschopf, Wolfram6Operations and Supply Chain Management
4288Supply Chain ManagementMaditati, Dhanavanth6Operations and Supply Chain Management
4386International Supply Chain ManagementSchramm, Hans-Joachim6Operations and Supply Chain Management
5075Introduction to Supply Chain ManagementHakimifar, Mohammadmehdi/Novoszel, Lydia6Operations and Supply Chain Management
4439Economic Modelling with MathematicaSchreiber, Michael6Research
4501/5062/5307Introduction to Empirical Social ResearchPlümper, Thomas6Research
5425Sustainable Economics and Business II: Inequality, Well-Being and SustainabilitySturn, Simon6Socioeconomics
6111Sustainable Economics and Business II: International trade, resource extraction and climate changeScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel/Gerdes, Lena6Socioeconomics
5432Sustainable Economics and Business II: Socio-Ecological Transformation and Digital PlatformsGruszka, Katarzyna6Socioeconomics
4932Sustainable WorkKreinin, Halliki6Socioeconomics
4634International Strategic Management IGodonoga, Ana6Strategic Management
4636International Strategic Management IIHerfeld, Ann-Kathrin6Strategic Management
5086Strategic Management and Organizational DesignRaynard, Mia6Strategic Management

Master level

Course no.Course titleCourse instructor(s)ECTS creditsCourse topic
5582European LawOrator, Andreas/Vranes, Erich4Business Law
5580Principles of International LawPolzin, Monika4Business Law
5502Game Theory (Science Track)Berger, Ulrich6Economics
5890Strategic Innovation & EntrepreneurshipChipperton, Paul6Entrepreneurship & Innovation
5379/5382International Risk and Financial Management (Group 1 & 2)Schumacher, Christian/Müllner, Jakob7,5Finance and Accounting
5127Human Resource ManagementPernkopf, Katharina5Human Resource Management
4921Project Management and Project LeadershipHuemann, Martina2Management
4522/4827Global Supply Chain Design (GSCD, Group A & B)Wakolbinger, Tina5Operations and Supply Chain Management
4525/4822Supply Chain Planning (SCP, Group A & B)Arikan Fichtinger, Emel5Operations and Supply Chain Management
6039Elective - Advanced Strategy and OrganizationKlarner, Patricia5Strategic Management
4821Elective - Strategic AlliancesHoffmann, Werner/Mellewigt, Thomas/Priestersberger, Sebastian5Strategic Management

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