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What are the benefits for participating companies?

Engaging in ecologically sustainable HRM research will not only lead to favorable reputation effects for your organization but also directly reduce the cost of employees' on-boarding, training and development processes.

Here, your own 'green employer' reputation can intrinsically motivate your current employees and potential future ones, since their work is seen as meaningful.

The uncovering and evaluation of possible paradoxes and tensions in your organization also serves as an appreciation of employee needs, as a contribution to the environment and as a guarantee for organizational profitability. Your organization can directly benefit from our research by recognizing and eliminating such possible staff tensions or paradoxes.

This research project is thus an easy way for your company to know of issues arising before the implementation of any potential new green organizational strategy, and your cooperation can also lead to increased efficiency in implementation. Taking part in this university research project enables analysis at a high scientific level.

Our study design also aims to analyze green HRM strategies in a comparative perspective, at the industry and country levels, in order to identify important structural factors beyond firm boundaries.

  • By participating in this research project, you can contribute to the future effectiveness of your company

  • Participation in this project will provide insights about your employees environmental attitudes and behaviors

  • You may learn ways to improve ecological sustainability as well as employee satisfaction

  • The introduction of ecological sustainability strategies directly reduces resource consumption in your organization and leads to significant cost savings and economic benefits for your company.