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Dr. Vitaliano Barberio

Vitaliano Barbertio

Biographical Sketch


  • Current position: post-doc research assistant at the Institute for Public Management, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business


  • Phd in Business administration at the department of Management Science, faculty of Economics, University of Bologna (IT); Degree at master level in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts at the University of Bologna (IT)


  • Past visiting positions: Associate Junior Research Fellow at the Center for Organizational Research (CORe), University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano (CH); Visting PhD student at CASOS Lab. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (PA), USA


  • Corporate research and consulting: Organizational intelligence, network analytical software design, Information security

Research Interests

Current research interests include: dynamics of organizational identity formation and competition through the analysis of relevant audiences' discourse and social structures; the diffusion of managerial concepts; organizational behaviors in online rating social networks; governance models, institutional logics and coordination patterns in open source software development commuities

Keywords: organization theories; netdoms; virtual communities; communication networks; open source software development; social movements; social network analysis; semantic network analysis

Research and Publications

A comprehensive list of research projects in which Vitaliano Barberio is involved as well as a list of his publications can be found in the FIDES documentation.