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SCANCOR Symposium

The SCAN­COR Sym­posium con­sists of Pub­lic Morn­ing Lec­tures and a PhD Work­shop. At the 15th SCAN­COR PhD Work­shop on In­sti­tu­tional Ana­lysis in­ter­na­tional fac­ulty will present cur­rent re­search, re­view re­cent pa­pers, and dis­cuss new meth­od­o­lo­gical tools that deepen the in­sti­tu­tional agenda. Spe­cial at­ten­tion is given to in­sti­tu­tional emer­gence, per­sist­ence, and trans­form­a­tion. We also em­phas­ize meth­ods of com­par­at­ive, archival, and net­work ana­lysis. Fi­nally, we tackle is­sues in­volving con­test­a­tion and strife around in­sti­tu­tions and or­gan­iz­a­tions.

Stu­dents will take away new in­sights and meas­ures, and a deeper un­der­stand­ing of how to match con­cep­tual ques­tions with re­search meth­ods. The work­shop will pre­pare PhD stu­dents to carry out their own in­di­vidual re­search us­ing the meth­ods of in­sti­tu­tional ana­lysis. Pre­vi­ous work­shops were hos­ted at Stan­ford Uni­versity, Copen­ha­gen Busi­ness School, Aalto Uni­versity, IESE Bar­celona, Uni­versity of Man­nheim, Hebrew Uni­versity of Jer­u­s­alem, EMLYON Busi­ness School, and Stock­holm School of Eco­nom­ics.

In ad­di­tion to pub­lic morn­ing lec­tures, after­noon work­shop ses­sions for PhD stu­dents are de­voted to dis­cuss­ing both clas­sic and con­tem­por­ary the­or­et­ical devel­op­ments within in­sti­tu­tional the­ory. Hence, the work­shop con­sists of two parts each day (Mon-­Fri):

  • In pub­lic morn­ing lec­tures in­ter­na­tional fac­ulty will present and dis­cuss re­search within the field of in­sti­tu­tional the­ory. The lec­tures in the morn­ing are open to the pub­lic and guests are highly wel­come. In­ter­ested guests are kindly asked to re­gister (see link below).

  • After­noon work­shop ses­sions with in­ter­na­tional fac­ulty are lim­ited to PhD stu­dents who suc­cess­fully ap­ply to the work­shop. Ad­mit­ted PhD stu­dents do not have to re­gister sep­ar­ately for the pub­lic morn­ing lec­tures, as they will at­tend both parts of the work­shop and will re­ceive the cor­res­pond­ing course cred­its.

Dates: Monday, Septem­ber 11 - Fri­day, Septem­ber 15, 2017

Place: WU VI­ENNA 

Time: 09:30h – 12:30h

Pub­lic Morn­ing Lec­tures at the Sym­posium:

  • Monday, Septem­ber 11th (AD Sitzung­saal 1)
    "Or­gan­iz­a­tions, In­sti­tu­tions and Change"
    Wal­ter W. Pow­ell (Stan­ford Uni­versity)
    Ren­ate E. Meyer (WU Vi­enna & CBS)

  • Tues­day, Septem­ber 12th (AD Sitzung­saal 1)
    "Civil So­ci­ety In­sti­tu­tions"
    Sarah Soule (Stan­ford Uni­versity)
    Mi­chael Meyer (WU Vi­enna)

  • Wed­nes­day, Septem­ber 13th (LC Club­raum)
    "Man­age­ment as both Pro­fes­sion and In­sti­tu­tion"
    Pa­tri­cia Brom­ley (Stan­ford Uni­versity)
    Silviya Sve­jen­ova (CBS & WU Vi­enna)

  • Thursday, Septem­ber 14th (AD Sitzung­saal 1)
    "In­vent­ing Tra­di­tion: From Cru to Classe in Bor­deaux Wine"
    Wal­ter W. Pow­ell (Stan­ford Uni­versity) &
    "In­sti­tu­tions and Crises"
    Markus Höllerer (WU Vi­enna & UNSW Sydney)

  • Fri­day, Septem­ber 15th (LC Club­raum)
    "How Local are Global In­sti­tu­tions?"
    Gili Drori (Hebrew Uni­versity of Jer­u­s­alem)
    Gi­useppe Delmestri (WU Vi­enna)

Re­gis­tra­tion for Pub­lic Morn­ing Lec­tures