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Constanze Beeck, MSc, BA, BA

Constanze Beeck

"Our impact analyses in the social sector repeatedly show what great, diverse added value is created by the small gestures on the margins of service provision: social contact, additional support where help is needed - humanity. Through their social mission, NPOs create a social benefit that could be lost under a possible pure focus on profit maximisation".

Constanze Beeck is a research project assistant at WU's Competence Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship. She is responsible for conducting impact analyses, especially social return-on-investment analyses, in a wide variety of areas in the public and nonprofit sector and is currently working on an EU project on dementia care in the Danube region (INDEED). Furthermore, her research focuses on social innovations, housing, development cooperation, care and support.

Previously, Constanze Beeck studied International Development, Sociology and Socio-Economics and has been involved in the social sector in Germany, Austria and internationally.