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Clive Spash has received Lifetime Award

Clive Spash has received a Lifetime Award in the 2021 Handelsblatt ranking of economists. He was ranked in the top 5%.

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Clive Spash receives WU City of Vienna Best Paper Award

The WU City of Vienna Best Paper Award in the category New Research Avenues has been awarded to Clive Spash.

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Nancy Fraser on Feminism and Climate Action for the 99%

Nancy Fraser, Visiting Professor for the summer semester, as guest at WU podcast "Inside Impact". Click here to listen.

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New publication: 'The economy' as if people mattered: revisiting critiques of economic growth in a time of crisis.

Spash, C. L. 2020. 'The economy' as if people mattered: revisiting critiques of economic growth in a time of crisis. Globalizations: 1-18. ABSTRACT Coronavirus (COVID-19) policy shut down the world…

Clive Spash and Andreas Novy are the new Directors of the SEEP-Master-Programme

Clive Spash is the new Director of the SEEP-Master-Programme

CEMS Outstanding Contribution Award

Clive Spash and Viviana Asara received the "CEMS Outstanding Contribution Award 2019"


Video stream of introductory lectures of SEEP

Two of the introductory lectures of the lecture series „Contemporary Global Policy Challenges“ in the master programme “Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy” (SEEP) are now available online. The introductory lectures deal with the crucial concepts of SEEP, which are “truth”, “power” and “transformation”.  In the links below you will find Dr. Andreas Novy talking about “power” and “transformation”…

Stream: "Power: An overview"

Stream: "Transformation and transition: an overview"

Cities as Solutions: the 56th ERSA Congress in Vienna

The world’s largest regional sciences congress, the 56th Congress of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA), concluded on August 26, 2016. The Congress was entitled “Cities & Regions: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive?” and provided 850 participants from 58 countries with the opportunity to discuss some of today’s hottest topics, including unemployment, smart cities, and sustainable regional development. Read more...


Pressrelease of the university of economics vienna

Pressrelease on the award of the EIB-ERSA Prize

Deutsches Handelsblatt honors WU Research(er)

The German business and finance daily Handelsblatt publishes regular rankings of economists and business schools. In the total ranking for the “Top 25 Faculties” of the best research universities for economics in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, WU tied with the University of Vienna at 13th place, moving up 2 places from the last ranking.

Prof. Clive Spash and three other WU researchers are included in the top 250 business researchers in the category “Overall Research Achievement.”


ICCB 2015: Spash’s Plenary Receives Standing Ovation

The conference "nternational Congress for Conservation Biology and 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology “Mission Biodiversity: Choosing New Paths for Conservation” Montpellier, France" was attended by 2000 people.  The plenary was set up as a debate with Peter Kareiva (USA), chief scientist for the Nature Conservancy and advocate of a ‘New Conservation’ that allies with corporate interests and neoliberal market mechanisms.  The two talks were about 20 mins each. Kareiva went first and was followed by Spash. The response of the audience was overwhelming in favour of what Spash said with a spontaneous standing ovation from the conference floor (click here for audience comments). Unfortunately there was no video, but a low quality sound recording is being transcribed and that transcript will be posted here when finished.

New publications

Spash, Clive (2015): Bulldozing biodiversity: The economics of offsets and trading-in Nature. Biological Conservation

Similar publication - available for download as discussion paper:

Bulldozing Biodiversity: The Economics of Optimal Extinction

Leubolt, Bernhard. 2015. Transformation von Ungleichheitsregimes: Gleichheitsorientierte Politik in Brasilien und Südafrika. Wiesbaden: VS Springer.

MAIER Gunther, HERATH Shanaka:

Immobilienbewertung mit hedonischen Preismodellen

- Theoretische Grundlagen und praktische Anwendung

Verlag Springer Gabler