Scanner reservation

When is the scanner available for use?


Who can reserve scanner time slots?

WU students and registered external users may reserve and use the scanner during the service hours indicated above. To make a reservation, you have to log in with your WU account or library account login data.

Which rules apply for reserving scanner time?

  • You can reserve a 1-hour time slot at a time. The total maximum reservation period is 2 hours per day and person.

  • You can reserve time slots no earlier than 7 days in advance.

  • To make your reservation, please log in with your WU account or library data, select your time slot, and confirm the reservation.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you. You will only be admitted to the Library for Law (D3) if you present this confirmation email, either in electronic format or as a printed hard copy.

  • The University Library reserves the right to cancel reservations. In the event that your reservation is cancelled, we will notify you by email.

  • If you are unable to use the scanner during the time slot you have reserved, please cancel your reservation.

Terms of use

  • The COVID-19 hygiene and safety requirements must be observed in the waiting area in front of the library and in the library. Staff on site will monitor compliance with these regulations and carry out access control at the library entrance.


If you have any questions or problems, please send an email to

Online reservation - scanner Library for Law