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Seat reservation

As of August 3, the library reading areas of the Central Library, the Library for Law, and the Library for Social Sciences will be reopened for a limited number of patrons. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve a seat. The reservation system will be online on Monday, July 27. You can reserve time slots no earlier than 7 days in advance. It is not possible to reserve and use the group study rooms and carrels in the Central Library.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you only need to borrow books, please use our services for borrowing books. In this cse you do not have to reserve a study place.

 Bookable slotsBooking rightsAvailable seats
Central Library8 am - 12 noon
2 pm - 6 pm
- WU Students
- registered library users
Library for Social Sciences9 am - 2 pm- WU Students
- registered library users
Library for Law9 am - 12 noon
1 pm - 4 pm
- WU Students60