Scan service


We currently offer a digitization service for WU students. In urgent cases we will digitize print literature (extracts) from books and journals.

WU students and already registered external library users are able to use a scanner in the Library for Law (D3). Please note that you have to reserve a time slot in the online-calendar, with no exceptions.

Due to copyright restrictions, we are not allowed to digitize

  • textbooks (not even extracts)

  • books as a whole

Due to limited resources we can only

  • process requests about holdings from the Library Center (except loose-leaf collections) and the Library for Social Sciences  - digitization orders for holdings from the Library of Law including the Institute for Tax Law can unfortunately NOT be processed

  • process a limited number of digitization requests per person

  • digitize 150 pages per request

How long does it take to receive the requested literature?

We try to process your request within a week.