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Restricted lending service COVID-19

The borrowing service can be used if you need books from the Central Library or the Library for Social Sciences.

Central Library


Books must be reserved via the WU library catalog (max. 10 items). You will need to log in with your WU account or library account data

  • WU students: letter “h” followed by your student ID number (e.g. h12345678) + your WU password

  • External library patrons: Library ID no. with prefix “bib” (e.g. bib123456) + your personal library password


Pick up times & locations

We will notify you by email as soon as the books are ready to be collected. Please wait until you have received this email before you come to pick up your books.

Times for pick up and returns

Reserving books

  1. Open the catalog ( and login with your WU credentials or your Library ID.

  2. Search the book you want to reserve.

  3. Click the Order link.


PLEASE NOTE: At the moment WU students can also reserve books from the textbook collection (level 3). In order to do so, please select Central Library LC Text Book Collection.

Information about the availability of a book


Book from the Textbook Collection - reservation possible

Textbook Collection

Book from the general collection

Open stacks

Library for Social Sciences

You do not need to reserve books.

Times for pick up and returns


If you have any problems or questions, please contact us by email: