COVID-19 hygiene and safety requirements

Specific requirements

When do I have to wear a mouth and nose protector?
  • When entering the library building until reaching your study place (incl. group workrooms and carrels).

  • When leaving your study place.

  • When collecting books at the library front desk.

  • When a library card is issued at the library front desk.

This applies to all 3 library branches (Central Library, Library for Law, Library for Social Sciences).

What is considered "proof of a low epidemiological risk"??
  • PCR or antigen tests taken in authorized testing facilities such as test lanes, pharmacies or laboratories, or tests from institutions in other countries submitted in German or English.

  • Self-administered antigen tests that have been recorded in an official data register.

  • A physician's confirmation of a SARS-CoV-2 infection based on molecular diagnostics that occurred in the 180 days prior to the required test but which is no longer present.

  • A quarantine notice, if issued for a person who has proof of contracting COVID-19 in the 180 days prior to the required test.

  • Evidence of neutralizing antibodies for a period of 90 days.

Test results shall include at least the following data:

1. First and last name of the individual tested
2. Date of birth
3. Date and time of testing
4. Test result
5. Signature of the testing person and official stamp of the testing institution or barcode/QR code

How long are the test results valid as proof?
  • PCR test: 72 hours

  • Antigen test: 48 hours

  • Self-administered antigen test: 24 hours

Which proofs of vaccination are valid?

Proof of one of the following types of vaccination with a centrally authorized COVID-19 vaccine:

  • First dose received at least 22 days but no longer than 90 days ago

  • Second dose received no longer than 270 days ago

  • Vaccination with a one-shot vaccine received at least 22 days but no longer than 270 days ago

  • A vaccination received at least 21 days after a positive molecular SARS-CoV-2 test result or a vaccination received after obtaining proof of neutralizing antibodies; in such cases, the vaccination must have been received no longer than 270 days ago

I am arriving from abroad, which proofs are also valid in my case?

In addition to the proofs already mentioned, a medical certificate in German or English language can be submitted, stating that the person listed in the certificate has tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 by means of a PCR test (sampling before max. 72h) or an antigen test (sampling before max. 48h).

What happens if I cannot show a valid proof when entering a WU building?

Persons who cannot provide (valid) proof of a negative Corona test on request must leave the building immediately.