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Publish and Share

Data repositories enable you store your data securely and make it accessible to the public. Entire data sets can also be published in the form of data papers in specialized data journals.

Do you know a data repository that is used in your discipline?

Where can you find a repository for your discipline?

You do not want to use a subject-specific repository, what now?

How can you publish your data set in a scientific journal?

Here are some options you can use to publish and share your data.

The re3data platform is an international directory of trusted data repositories. It allows you to find a suitable subject repository for your data. You can search by discipline, data type (e.g., audio file, database) or country.

AUSSDA is an example of a subject-specific data repository. The service is located at the universities of Vienna, Graz and Linz and focuses on quantitative social research from various disciplines (including sociology, political science and economics). The AUSSDA team offers comprehensive support by the preparation and archiving of data for all social scientists in Austria.

Zenodo is an interdisciplinary repository for all diciplines. It is operated by CERN and OpenAIRE (EU). You can upload up to 50 GB free of charge. Zenodo can also be used to create communities that map the research output of projects, institutes or entire institutions. If your are affiliated with WU, you can upload your data directly to the WU Zenodo Community. We check your affiliation before we make the data set available in the WU community. WU Research Data Management team will be happy to answer any questions related to the uploading process.

You can use a free licence (e.g. CC BY) when publishing your data. An open license increases the visibility of your data and allows for it to be reused by others. Once selected, a license can no longer be changed or withdrawn.