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Plan and Fund

Funders and Research Data Management

Research funders are increasingly demanding professional research data management. In doing so, they want to ensure that the projects they finance are reproducible. Research results should also be available for further research after the end of the project in order to unlock their full potential.

National Funding Agencies


Since January 1, 2019 the FWF requests for all the approved projects that you:

  • provide a data management plan (.docx) that describes what data is collected for the project and the intended use of it;

  • make the research data underlying the sponsored publication publicly available (for example by using a repository) as Open Data, unless there are substantial reasons not to do so.

  • Support at WU: Beate Hareter (Research Service Center)


EU Funding

Horizon 2020

In 2017, the European Commission has started with the "Open Research Data Pilot". As part of this program and for all approved projects, you need to

  • create a data management plan (ODT file). A DMP describes what data will be collected for the project and how it will be handled;

  • prepare the research data underlying the funded publication as FAIR data;

  • make the relevant research data publicly accessible as Open Data (e.g. by making them available in a repository), unless there are important reasons such as sensitive data for not doing so. In this case, you can choose to opt-out.

  • You can request a reimbursement of data management costs!

  • Support at WU: Xenia Ulrich (Research Service Center)