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New in September 2020:

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What is read!t?

The new reading list management system read!t helps teachers compile clearly structured reading lists quickly and easily. read!t is accessed via LEARN and reading lists are linked to the online course catalog and course syllabi.

Why use read!t?

  • read!t makes it easier to check the library collection for titles on the reading list

  • read!t has multimedia features

  • read!t has a user-friendly interface and is intuitive to operate


Advantages for teachers

  • add titles to your reading lists quickly and easily

  • compile collaborative reading lists with other teachers

  • transfer reading lists from one semester to the next


Advantages for students

  • makes reading lists clear and easy to read

  • supports a chat function to talk about materials on the reading list

  • gives students rapid access to relevant literature, allowing them more time to actually study the content


read!t - key features


When will read!t be available?

We have been launching the pilot phase in selected courses in the 2020 summer semester. Starting in the 2020/21 winter semester, read!t will be available for additional courses at WU.


If you are interested in using read!t in your courses or would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: +43 1 31336 ext. 4488