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Information for external Library Patrons

Lib­rary Card

To ac­cess and bor­row ma­ter­i­als from any of the WU lib­rar­ies, you will need a WU lib­rary card.


Pre-re­gis­tra­tion for new ex­ternal lib­rary users

Please use this form to re­gister for a WU lib­rary card.

If you already have a WU lib­rary card, you do not have to re­gister here. If you need to ex­tend your WU lib­rary card, please con­tact the Lib­rary Front Desk: entlehnun­ or +43 1 31336-4929

Once you have com­pleted the re­gis­tra­tion, you’ll re­ceive a con­firm­a­tion by email. Please print the con­firm­a­tion and present it at the lib­rary front desk in the Cent­ral Lib­rary (LC build­ing, level 1), to­gether with the other re­quired doc­u­ments as in­dic­ated below. The lib­rary front desk staff will then is­sue your lib­rary card.

Bor­row­ing Books

In gen­eral books can be taken dir­ectly from the shelf and checked out at the self-ser­vice check­out ma­chines. Journ­als and news­pa­pers can­not be bor­rowed from any of the lib­rar­ies.


Elec­tronic Re­sources

Ex­ternal lib­rary pat­rons may use ma­ter­i­als on-­loca­tion in the lib­rary. Due to li­cens­ing con­di­tions re­mote ac­cess from out­side WU is not possible.

Find­ing Lit­er­at­ure