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Information & Training

The Library Information team (Central Library, level 2) will be happy to answer any general questions about searching for literature, use of the WU Library, and WU Library services.

The Research Consultation team provides information and support for more advanced literature searches.

Fit4Research is the WU Library’s eLearning program. It contains information and support on searching for documents, researching a topic, using search tools (e.g. the library catalog and Google Scholar), finding your way around the Central Library, and managing references with programs like EndNote Web, Citavi, and Zotero.


Information on library cards and the terms and conditions applicable to borrowing library materials.

Library Account

Procurement of literature

Inter-library Loans
Inter-library loans are available if you need books which are not in the WU University Library collection.

Document delivery service
The document delivery service is for obtaining articles which are not available at the WU Library.

Acquisition request
If you feel that a book or periodical that is not currently listed in the catalog would be a valuable addition to the library’s collection, you can submit a suggestion.