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New digital resource available: Langenscheidt online dictionaries

You can use the Lan­genscheidt on­line dic­tion­ary page to ac­cess gen­er­al-pur­pose and spe­cial­ized dic­tion­ar­ies pub­lished by Lan­genscheidt and per­form searches in in­di­vidual works or mul­tiple dic­tion­ar­ies at the same time.

·         Eng­lish/Ger­man gen­er­al-pur­pose dic­tion­ary

  • Eng­lish/Ger­man busi­ness, eco­nom­ics, trade, and fin­ance dic­tion­ary

  • Eng­lish/Ger­man busi­ness ac­count­ing dic­tion­ary

  • Eng­lish/Ger­man legal dic­tion­ary

  • Eng­lish/Ger­man lo­gist­ics dic­tion­ary

  • Eng­lish/Ger­man hu­man re­sources dic­tion­ary

  • Eng­lish/Ger­man tour­ism dic­tion­ary

  • Span­ish/Ger­man gen­er­al-pur­pose dic­tion­ary

  • Span­ish/Ger­man busi­ness, eco­nom­ics, trade, and fin­ance dic­tion­ary

  • Span­ish/Ger­man tour­ism dic­tion­ary

  • Pol­ish/Ger­man dic­tion­ary

  • Rus­sian/Ger­man dic­tion­ary

  • Rus­sian/Ger­man busi­ness and eco­nom­ics dic­tion­ary

On the WU Uni­versity Lib­rary’s data­bases page, you can also ac­cess many other refer­ence works and data­bases.

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