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Search­ing for Journal Articles by Sub­ject

To search for articles on a spe­cific topic, please use the Cata­log­PLUS articles search func­tion or our spe­cial­ized lit­er­at­ure data­bases.

Sup­port on search­ing for doc­u­ments, re­search­ing a topic, us­ing search tools can be found in the WU Lib­rary’s eLearn­ing pro­gram.


The Elec­tronic Journ­als Lib­rary (EZB) con­tains all eJourn­als sub­scribed to by the WU Uni­versity Lib­rary.

Prin­ted Journ­als

To search the lib­rary hold­ings for prin­ted journ­als, please use the WU Cata­log.

News­pa­pers & Magazines

The News­lounge of­fers a broad range of Aus­trian and in­ter­na­tional magazines, news­pa­pers, and peri­od­ic­als.

We also provide spe­cial data­bases which con­tain news­pa­per articles.