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The Lib­rary main­tains a col­lec­tion of about 647,000 books and about 115,000 eBooks.

The WU Uni­versity Lib­rary is not only the largest eco­nom­ics and busi­ness lib­rary in Aus­tria, it also ranks among the most ex­tens­ive lib­rar­ies of its kind in the Ger­man-speak­ing world. The WU Lib­rary col­lec­tion fo­cuses on busi­ness and man­age­ment, eco­nom­ics, law (par­tic­u­larly busi­ness law), in­form­a­tion sys­tems, mathem­at­ics and stat­ist­ics, eco­nomic geo­graphy and eco­nomic his­tory, so­ci­ology, and busi­ness edu­ca­tion.

Prin­ted Books

The WU Uni­versity Lib­rary's col­lec­tion of prin­ted volumes is stored at four branch loca­tions that fo­cus on dif­fer­ent top­ics and dis­cip­lines.

You need a WU stu­dent ID card or a lib­rary card to en­ter the lib­rar­ies and to bor­row ma­ter­i­als. Please use the WU Cata­log to search the WU Lib­rary col­lec­tion for prin­ted books.


Search and Down­load

To find eBooks use the WU Cata­log. In gen­eral our eBooks are of PD­F-­doc­u­ments which can be don­w­loaded and/or prin­ted.


Our elec­tronic re­sources (data­bases, eJourn­als, and eBooks) can be used by WU stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staff as well as all other WU lib­rary pat­rons. For de­tails on avail­able ac­cess op­tions, please see the table below.

WU stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staffEx­ternal lib­rary pat­rons
On the PCs in the WU lib­rar­ies
In the IT Ser­vices com­puter labs
via Wi-Fi on your own com­puter and in the self-study areas

Non-af­fil­i­ated per­sons may use ma­ter­i­als on-­loca­tion in the lib­rary.
off Cam­pusRe­mote ac­cess via VPNNo re­mote ac­cess

Please note that due to li­cens­ing agree­ments some of our data­bases (espe­cially law and fin­ance re­sources) can only be used by WU stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staff. Spe­cial con­di­tions may also ap­ply to us­ing the re­sources via re­mote ac­cess. For de­tails, please con­sult the de­scrip­tion of each in­di­vidual data­base.

eBook Col­lec­tions

Eco­nom­ics & Busi­ness

De GruyterWirtschaft­swis­senschaften Col­lec­tion from 2014 on
Ed­ward El­gar Pub­lish­ing | El­garon­line Busi­ness & Man­age­ment Col­lec­tion from 2014 on
Eco­nom­ics & Fin­ance Col­lec­tion from 2014 on
Or­gan­isa­tional Be­ha­vi­our Col­lec­tion
El­sevier | Scien­ce­Dir­ectHand­books in Eco­nom­ics Ser­ies
Em­er­ald | Em­er­ald In­sightBusi­ness, Man­age­ment and Eco­nom­ics E-­Book Ser­ies Col­lec­tion from 2016 on
IMF eLib­raryIMF eLib­rary eBooks
OECD iLib­raryOECD iLib­rary eBooks
Ox­ford Hand­books On­line Busi­ness & Man­age­ment Col­lec­tion from 2015 on
Eco­nom­ics & Fin­ance Col­lec­tion from 2010 on
Pal­grave Mac­mil­lan | Spring­er­LinkBusi­ness & Man­age­ment Col­lec­tion 2009-2015
Eco­nom­ics & Fin­ance Col­lec­tion 2009-2015
Rout­ledge Hand­books On­lineBusi­ness & Eco­nom­ics Col­lec­tion from 2015 on
Springer | Spring­er­Link Wirtschaft­swis­senschaften Col­lec­tion from 2005 on
Busi­ness & Eco­nom­ics Col­lec­tion 2005-2015
Busi­ness & Man­age­ment Col­lec­tion from 2016 on
Eco­nom­ics & Fin­ance Col­lec­tion from 2016 on

Sozi­al­wis­senschaften & Recht Col­lec­tion from 2018 on
Psy­cho­lo­gie Col­lec­tion from 2018 on

Lec­ture Notes in Busi­ness In­form­a­tion Pro­cessing from 2007 on
Lec­ture Notes in Com­puter Science from 1997 on
The Sus­tain­able Or­gan­iz­a­tion Lib­rary The Sus­tain­able Or­gan­iz­a­tion Lib­rary
World Bank eLib­raryWorld Bank eBooks


Law eBooks are in­cluded in the fol­low­ing data­bases:

Lex­is­Nexis On­line Öster­reich
RDB Rechts­daten­bank
RIDA - Recht­s-In­dex-D­aten­bank
Ver­lag Öster­reich eLib­rary

Work­ing & Dis­cus­sion Pa­pers

Centre for Eco­nomic Policy Re­search (UK)CEPR Dis­cus­sion Pa­pers
Na­tional Bur­eau of Eco­nomic Re­search (USA)NBER Work­ing Pa­pers
World Bank eLib­raryWork­ing & Dis­cus­sion Pa­pers (incl. Policy Re­search Work­ing Pa­pers)
LawRe­mote Ac­cess
Beck­-On­line no
Kluwer Ar­bit­ra­tion WU fac­ulty and staff
Lex­is­Nexis On­line Öster­reich WU fac­ulty and staff
Lindeonline WU fac­ulty and staff
WU stu­dents on re­quest
Manz On­line-Bib­lio­thek WU fac­ulty and staff
WU stu­dents on re­quest


Our elec­tronic re­sources may be ac­cessed only for study pur­poses, teach­ing, or re­search at WU, or for per­sonal use. It is strictly pro­hib­ited to re­dis­trib­ute or sys­tem­at­ic­ally copy or down­load con­tent from the provided re­sources or to use such con­tent for com­mer­cial pur­poses. In the event of a vi­ol­a­tion of these rules, WU may dis­close the re­spect­ive user's con­tact data to its con­tract­ors and con­tent pro­viders, or ban the user from ac­cess­ing the elec­tronic re­sources. Any costs and dam­ages res­ult­ing from claims made against WU be­cause of in­fringe­ments of the rights of third parties caused by a lib­rary pat­ron shall be borne by the pat­ron. Legal restric­tions may ap­ply to some ma­ter­i­als, which can only be used by our stu­dents or staff, or can be ac­cessed only within the lib­rary build­ing.