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Access to Electronic Resources

WU stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staffEx­ternal lib­rary pat­rons
on Cam­pus
On the PCs in the WU lib­rar­ies
In the IT-SER­VICES com­puter labs
via Wi-Fi on your own com­puter and in the self-study areas

Non-af­fil­i­ated per­sons may use ma­ter­i­als on-­loca­tion in the lib­rary.
off Cam­pusRe­mote ac­cess via VPNNo re­mote ac­cess

Our elec­tronic re­sources may be ac­cessed only for study pur­poses, teach­ing, or re­search at WU, or for per­sonal use. It is strictly pro­hib­ited to re­dis­trib­ute or sys­tem­at­ic­ally copy or down­load con­tent from the provided re­sources or to use such con­tent for com­mer­cial pur­poses. In the event of a vi­ol­a­tion of these rules, WU may dis­close the re­spect­ive user's con­tact data to its con­tract­ors and con­tent pro­viders, or ban the user from ac­cess­ing the elec­tronic re­sources. Any costs and dam­ages res­ult­ing from claims made against WU be­cause of in­fringe­ments of the rights of third parties caused by a lib­rary pat­ron shall be borne by the pat­ron. Legal restric­tions may ap­ply to some ma­ter­i­als, which can only be used by our stu­dents or staff, or can be ac­cessed only within the lib­rary build­ing.