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Accessibility at the WU Library


Do you need a large font keyboard or a Braille printer? Are you looking for a room where you can write an exam without distraction?

The University Library is dedicated to enhancing accessibility for all users with regards to its literary collection. This includes, for example, technical aids for people with (visual) impairments, which are available in the assistive technology room. Additionally, students can utilize this space to take exams without interruption.

What features does the room have?

The assistive technology room is equipped with the latest technology. It features a PC with a Braille display and a printer capable of embossing. Additionally, the screen reader includes a read-aloud function and offers the ability to display texts in various contrasts.

The study and work area has been carefully designed to accommodate wheelchair users effortlessly. For example, the tables offer infinitely variable height adjustment. The room is designed in a manner that prevents viewing into it from the outside.

Where can I find the room?

The assistive technology room is situated in the Central Library on level 4, in room LC.4.026.

If you’re interested in using the room, feel free to contact us at library@wu.ac.at. We’d be happy to assist you and provide an introduction to using the technical equipment.

BeAble – write exams undisturbed

In cooperation with the WU program BeAble, students have the opportunity to reserve the room for taking exams in a quiet and distraction-free environment.

To reserve a slot for an exam in the room, please get in touch with beable@wu.ac.at

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