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Opening hours

In February 2020, the Library for Business Languages in the D2 building will be integrated into the Central Library in the LC. January 30, 2020 is the last day the D2 library will be open.

The collection from the D2 library will be available on level -2 of the LC building, starting February 12, 2020. The opening hours and terms and conditions of use for the Central Library apply.

The WU University Library’s occupancy tracker

Library users can check online from home or on their cell phones how crowded the Central Library or the Library for Law are at the moment, or how many people are likely to be using the library later in the day.

The light-colored bars indicate predicted occupancy, while the dark-colored ones show current user numbers.

What data are the predictions based on?

Predicted occupancy levels are based on the number of actual library users counted during similar time periods in the previous year (e.g. summer or winter semester, semester break, or exam prep week). The actual occupancy data from the last five days is also included in the prediction, as is the number of users on the current day, which helps the predictions become increasingly accurate throughout the day.

How are library users counted?

The number of people currently in the library is counted using the turnstiles at the entrance to the library.