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Key Figures


Hold­ings and Re­sources
Books 646,510
Volumes ad­ded 13,305
eBooks 115,381
eBooks ad­ded 9,893
Print journ­als 729
eJourn­als 25,196
Re­search data­bases 134
Read­ing desks 1,680
PC work­sta­tions 102
Scan­ners, print­ers 15
Lib­rary Us­age
Vis­it­ors 1.051,168
Loans 146,054
Quer­ies in the WU Cata­log 3,087,481
Ac­cess to the Elec­tronic Journ­als Lib­rary 27,370
Down­loads of WU dis­ser­ta­tions and work­ing pa­pers (ePubWU) 814,227
Open­ing hours per week in the Cent­ral Lib­rary81
Num­ber of par­ti­cipants in lib­rary work­shops3,588
In­ter­-lib­rary loans, doc­u­ment de­liv­ery2,506