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About us

The WU Uni­versity Lib­rary is one of the largest eco­nomic and busi­ness lib­rar­ies in the Ger­man-speak­ing area. Our primary goal is to en­sure pat­rons can ac­cess our range of in­form­a­tion ser­vices quickly and eas­ily.

WU Uni­versity Lib­rary: a com­pet­ent and ser­vice-­minded part­ner for all our tar­get groups

  • The Uni­versity Lib­rary is a cent­ral and es­sen­tial part of the re­search, teach­ing, and aca­demic in­fra­struc­ture at WU

  • The WU com­munity has a pos­it­ive im­age of the Uni­versity Lib­rary and its ser­vice port­fo­lio

  • WU stu­dents, re­search­ers, and fac­ulty are the primary tar­get groups

Core func­tions: aca­demic me­dia, spe­cial­ized in­form­a­tion, and study zones

  • At­tract­ive study zones

  • Ex­cep­tional ac­cess to col­lec­tions for our tar­get groups

  • Ser­vice center for in­form­a­tion and me­dia

  • Lib­rary ser­vices for science and re­search

Our team fo­cuses on re­spons­ib­il­ity, ser­vice, and solu­tions

  • Everything we do at the Uni­versity Lib­rary is aimed to best serve our tar­get group

  • We value team­work, co­oper­a­tion, open dia­logue, and mu­tual re­spect

  • Di­versity is a team strength

Our tar­get gropus

Our ser­vice port­fo­lio and hold­ings are designed to meet the needs of our tar­get groups. WU stu­dents, fac­ulty, and aca­demic staff are our primary tar­get groups, though we also serve WU ad­min­is­trat­ive per­son­nel.

Other in­ter­ested parties, such as stu­dents from other uni­versit­ies, high-school stu­dents, or post­gradu­ate stu­dents, can ap­ply for a lib­rary card that grants them ac­cess to all study zones and the use of our col­lec­tions de­pend­ing on li­cense ac­cess.

We act­ively tailor our ser­vices to ap­peal to our tar­get groups.

Uni­versity Lib­rary Stra­tegic Do­mains

The ser­vices offered by the WU Uni­versity Lib­rary can be di­vided into four areas: study zones for stu­dents; ac­cess to aca­demic me­dia and spe­cial­ized in­form­a­tion of all kinds; in­struc­tion in in­form­a­tion and me­dia skills; and our range of ser­vices for re­search­ers.  

Study Zones for Stu­dents

The WU Lib­rary op­er­ates mod­ern and func­tional study spaces with a wide range of ser­vices for stu­dents in the Lib­rary & Learn­ing Center and the three branch lib­rar­ies. We act­ively sup­port WU’s stra­tegic goal to pro­mote in­nov­at­ive teach­ing and learn­ing.

Aca­demic Me­dia, Spe­cial­ized In­form­a­tion, and Data

The Lib­rary’s aca­demic me­dia and spe­cial­ized in­form­a­tion hold­ings ad­vance re­search, teach­ing, and aca­dem­ics at WU. In both quant­ity and qual­ity, they re­flect WU’s lead­ing role as the largest busi­ness and eco­nom­ics uni­versity in Aus­tria and one of the most im­port­ant in­sti­tu­tions of its kind in Europe.

In­form­a­tion and Me­dia Skills

In­form­a­tion and me­dia lit­er­acy skills are es­sen­tial in an aca­demic en­vir­on­ment. In the Lib­rary’s ser­vice port­fo­lio, these in­clude pro­fes­sional me­dia and data re­search, meth­od­ical re­search skills, modes of ac­cess to aca­demic in­form­a­tion, bib­li­o­graphy man­age­ment, cit­a­tions, evalu­at­ing sources, se­lect­ing search tools, and the in­form­a­tion life cycle.

Ser­vices for Re­search and the Sciences at WU

A large por­tion of the Uni­versity Lib­rary re­sources are ded­ic­ated to pro­mot­ing re­search and scien­ti­fic ad­vance­ment. Many gen­eral lib­rary ser­vices, like open ac­cess, the branch lib­rar­ies, and the li­aison lib­rari­ans primar­ily of­fer sup­port ser­vices to WU’s aca­demic staff.

Our Con­tri­bu­tions to Re­search, Teach­ing, and Aca­demic Stud­ies

Good ser­vice is a mat­ter of course. We of­fer cus­tom-­tailored ser­vices to all our tar­get groups.

WU Lib­rary - Stra­tegic Plan

WU Library - Strategic Plan
WU Library - Strategic Plan