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Barbara Kump

Dr. Barbara Kump
Dr. Barbara Kump

Assistent Professor

Barbara Kump is Assistant Professor at the Institute for Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. She holds a Master (2006) and Doctoral degree (2010) in Psychology from the University of Graz. Since 2006, she has been working in various interdisciplinary R&D projects in the field of “organizational learning” at the Knowledge Management Institute of Graz University of Technology and the Knowledge Media Research Center (Tuebingen, Germany), and she led the “Knowlegde Evolution” research group at the Know-Center in Graz. Between 2012 and 2017 Barbara Kump was endowed Professor for organizational learning (focus on SMEs) at Vienna University of Applied Sciences of WKW (FHWien der WKW), where she has closely collaborated with more than 20 SMEs to investigate boundary conditions and success factors for strategic innovation and change in small and medium-sized enterprises.  

Barbara Kump regularly publishes her research in international Journals (e.g., Industrial and Corporate Change, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Knowledge Management), and at international conferences (e.g., AoM, EGOS, OLKC). She is a founding member of and active author for the knowledge transfer blog She has received several awards for her research and review activities (e.g., EURAM 2018 Most Inspirational Conference Paper Award, Outstanding Reviewer of the Emerald Literati Network, ECTEL Best Paper Award, Award Winner Literati Network Awards of Excellence).

In addition, Barbara Kump has a diploma in supervision (counseling). She is a   certified organizational psychologist, systemic coach and organization developer.

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Research Focus

Socio-cognitive processes (Organizational and Managerial Cognition) in SMEs in the context of

  • organizational learning and organizational change

  • strategic renewal and dynamic capabilities in SMEs

  • dominant logic 


Publications (Selection):

  • Kump, B., Engelmann, A., Schweiger, C. & Keßler, A. (2019). Towards a Dynamic Capabilities scale: Measuring organizational sensing, seizing, and transforming capacities. Industrial and Corporate Change, 1-24.

  • Kump, B. (2019). Beyond Power Struggles: A Multi-level Perspective on Incongruences at the Interface of Practice, Knowledge, and Identity in Radical Organizational Change. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 55 (1), 5-26.

  • Schweiger, C., Kump, B., & Hoormann, L. (2016). A concept for diagnosing and developing organizational change capabilities. Journal of Management and Change, 1/2(34/35), 12–28.

  • Kump B. (2016) Herausforderungen in organisationalen Veränderungsprozessen. In: J. Nachtwei & C. von Bernstorff (Hrsg.), HR Consulting Review, Band 07. VQP: Berlin, p. 36-39.

  • Kump, B., Moskaliuk, J., Cress, U., & Kimmerle, J. (2015). Cognitive foundations of organizational learning: Re-introducing the distinction between declarative and non-declarative knowledge. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1489.

  • Knipfer, K., Scholl, A., & Kump, B. (2014). Lernen durch Reflexion: Lösungsansätze für die Zukunft. Wirtschaftspsychologie aktuell, 3, 19-23.

  • Kump, B., & Schweiger, C. (2014). Förderung der strategischen Veränderungskompetenz von KMU (Leitartikel). In Nachtwei, J. & von Bernstorff, C. (Eds). HR Consulting Review, Band 04. VQP: Berlin.

  • Kump, B., Moskaliuk, J., Dennerlein, S., & Ley, T. (2013). Tracing knowledge co-evolution in a realistic course setting: A wiki-based field experiment. Computers & Education, 69, 60-70.

  • Knipfer, K., Kump, B., Wessel, D., & Cress, U. (2013). Reflection as catalyst for organisational learning. Studies in Continuing Education, 35 (1), 30-48.


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