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Alexander Keßler

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Keßler
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Keßler

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Global Business and Trade & Senior Researcher at the Research Institute for Family Business

Alexander Keßler is senior lecturer in the master program "Export- und Internationalization Management (ExInt)” at the Department for Global Business and Trade and senior researcher at the Research Institute for Family Business at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, where he habilitated in 2008.

As one of the two senior lecturers in the ExInt master program, he teaches several ExInt courses (“SME-Management” in the 1st semester, “Corporate Entrepreneurship: Theory” in the 2nd and “Corporate Entrepreneurship: empirical business analysis” in the 3rd semester), extensively coaches master theses and is one of the central contact persons of the ExInt program. In addition, he teaches in the specialization “Small Business Management” in the bachelor program.

An important fundament of the research-based teaching of Alexander Keßler are especially numerous published articles in international peer-reviewed journals in the fields of Entrepreneurship and SME-Management, e.g. „Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice“, „British Journal of Management“, „Entrepreneurship & Regional Development“, „Family Business Review“, „Schmalenbach Business Review“, and “Journal of Business Economics” amongst others. Moreover, he frequently reviews for several international scientific journals such as „Journal of Small Business Management“ and „Family Business Review“ and for international scientific conferences.

For his research, Alexander Keßler received the “Wilford White Fellows Award“ of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), the “Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence”, the “Erste Bank Award for Central European Research”, the “Rudolf Sallinger Award” and several WU awards for excellence in research and publication.

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Research Focus       
  • Entrepreneurship and new venture creation       

  • Corporate entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship       

  • Family Business       

  • Entrepreneurship Education  

Selection of recent publications:

Frank, H., Keßler, A., Rusch, T., Süss-Reyes, J., Weismeier-Sammer, D. (Forthcoming). Capturing the Familiness of Family Businesses: Development of the Family Influence Familiness Scale (FIFS). Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice (ET&P), DOI: 10.1111/etap.12229.

Keßler, A. & Rößl, D. (2015): Nascent Entrepreneurship - Welchen "Nährboden" benötigen unternehmerische Aktivitäten? Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter 62 (3): 429-449.

Keßler, A., Pachucky, C., Stummer, K., Mair, M., Binder, P. (2015): Types of organizational innovativeness and success in Austrian hotels. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM) 27 (7): 1707-1727.

Keßler, A., Frank, H., Rößl, D., Hrsg. (2013): KMU in der Krise: Strategien zur Krisenvermeidung und Krisenbewältigung. Wien: Verlag Österreich.

Fink, M., Keßler, A., Schmid, J., Stummer, K. (2013): Learning by Almost Doing - Theoretische Argumente und empirische Ergebnisse zur Wirkung von Fallstudien in der EntrepreneurshipAusbildung. Zeitschrift für KMU und Entrepreneurship (ZfKE) 61 (3): 173-196.

Fink, M. & Keßler, A. (2010): Cooperation, Trust and Performance: Empirical Results from Three Countries. British Journal of Management 21 (2): 469-483.

Korunka, C., Keßler, A., Frank, H. & Lueger, M. (2010): Personal characteristics, resources and environment as predictors of business survival. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 83 (4): 1025-1051.

Frank, H., Keßler, A. & Fink, M. (2010): Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Performance - A Replication Study. Schmalenbach Business Review (sbr) 62 (2): 175-198.

Keßler, A., Korunka, C., Frank, H. & Lueger, M. (2009): Wachstumsbedingungen von Ein-Personen-Gründungen - Eine Längsschnittbeobachtung über acht Jahre. Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB) 79 (12): 1413-1435.

Keßler, A. & Frank, H. (2009): Nascent Entrepreneurship in a Longitudinal Perspective - The Impact of Person, Environment, Resources and the Founding Process on the Decision to Start Business Activities, International Small Business Journal, 27(6): 720-742.

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