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Bewextra - Knowledge about Needs

Ap­proach and Idea

 In sys­tems (or­gan­iz­a­tions, com­pan­ies, in­dus­tries), vari­ous dif­fer­ent in­di­vidual sat­is­fiers col­lide which aim to sat­isfy dif­fer­ent needs. Our ex­per­i­ence has taught us that people find it rather dif­fi­cult to ex­tern­al­ize and ex­pli­citly com­mu­nic­ate their needs. But not only within or­gan­iz­a­tions it is im­port­ant to sat­isfy needs. Also for the devel­op­ment of in­nov­a­tions it is es­sen­tial to re­cog­nize the needs of cus­tomers in order to develop tailored products.

There­fore, one should step away from the sat­is­fier level and to­wards the need level. This comes with an ad­di­tional mar­gin for man­oeuvre in order to find suit­able solu­tions for the sat­is­fac­tion of needs.


The aim of Be­wex­tra is the gen­er­a­tion of a val­id­ated cata­logue of know­ledge about needs for a sys­tem. This cata­logue is de­rived or ex­trac­ted and ex­tern­al­ized from the vis­ible and col­lect­able sat­is­fiers, wishes, ideas, ex­per­i­ences, or vi­sions of the mem­bers of a sys­tem. Usu­ally, needs can be, in com­par­ison to con­crete sat­is­fiers, be sat­is­fied in vari­ous ways (need : ac­tion = 1 : n). There­fore, through the ap­plic­a­tion of Be­wex­tra the chance to re­cog­nize and be­ing able to sat­isfy these needs is sig­ni­fic­antly higher.

Be­wex­tra con­siders and ap­plies dif­fer­ent re­cog­nized the­or­ies of re­search, in­ter alia "Learn­ing from the Fu­ture" from Dr. Otto Scharmer, or the "The­ory of Needs", an ap­proach of "Gen­er­at­ive Listen­ing", as well as the "Groun­ded The­ory".

The Pro­cess of Be­wex­tra:

Be­wex­tra is di­vided into three phases:

  • Be­wex­tra-­Col­lect: Gath­er­ing of sat­is­fier data with the help of learn­ing from the fu­ture in form of work­shops (time needed for the par­ti­cipants: 2.5 hours)

  • Be­wex­tra-Ana­lytic: Data ana­lysis and gen­er­a­tion of hy­po­theses about cru­cial needs which are based on the col­lec­ted sat­is­fiers

  • Be­wex­tra-Val­id­a­tion: Quant­it­at­ive and qual­it­at­ive ana­lysis of the hy­po­theses of cor­rect­ness through the mem­bers of the sys­tem


We have already done several suc­cess­ful pro­jects with the method Be­wex­tra, in­ter alia with:

- Wirtschaft­skam­mer Öster­reich

- Vi­enna Busi­ness Schools Mödling

- ...