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Prof. Andreas Wagener

Prof. Andreas Wagener was professor of economics and Head of the Institute of Economic Policy and of the Institute of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Hannover. He was research professor at ifo Munich and guest professor at the WU Research Institute of International Taxation, with a strong focus on research and on education on a post-graduate level. His research interests were Public Economics, Economic Policy and Economic Theory. Starting with his doctoral thesis on tax competition with capital taxes, he worked on fiscal interaction between jurisdictions in various settings, including also the CCCTB, the Open Method of Coordination, and frameworks with labour mobility.

Within the Doctoral Program, Andreas Wagener aided young researchers to contribute to existing research on international taxation in settings where tax coordination is less than perfect. He was mainly involved in research area 4 (International Coordination of Business Taxation) but also participated in areas 1 (Determination of Taxable Profit) and 3 (EU Tax for Businesses).

Unfortunately, Prof. Wagener passed away during the night of 29.-30. January 2019.

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