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Responsible Disclosure

The security of our IT services is a major concern for us. We are constantly working to protect our services and data in the best possible way. The view from the outside is a great help.

We would be grateful if you, a security researcher, would inform us if you discover a vulnerability.

Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • Act responsibly: With great power comes great responsibility.

  • The goal is to show possible attack vectors, not to cause damage. Use a discovered vulnerability for illustrative purposes only.

  • Never delete or modify data and avoid failures (e.g. DoS).

  • Treat collected information confidentially.

  • Provide us with sufficient information about your discovery. Usually a URL or IP address of the affected system with a short description of the vulnerability should be enough.

  • In any case, the following actions are not covered by Responsible Disclosure:

    • Spam & Phishing

    • Social Engineering

    • DDoS attacks

    • Attacks on physical security

With your report of vulnerabilities, you help us a lot. Comply with the above-mentioned terms and conditions and act responsibly. You can contact us anonymously and encrypted by email.

Contact details


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We thank you for your support in keeping our services and data as secure as possible.