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Isabella Weber, MSc

Foto Isabella Weber
Isabella Weber is the lead program manager of the master's program Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control.

Isabella is a graduate of the MSc International Development of the University of Birmingham, UK. As part of her master’s degree, she spent some time at the Centre for Development Studies in Kerala, India.

During her undergraduate studies in English and American Studies, she completed an exchange year at Agnes Scott College in the United States, where she also worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of German Studies.

Prior to joining SIMC in November 2021, she worked at WU’s International Office as a program manager responsible for various special international study programs as well as regular exchange programs with a focus on North America and Northern Europe. Additionally, she coordinated the biannual orientation and cultural program for all WU incoming exchange students.

Isabella is very internationally minded and she enjoys working with students from all over the world. Her interests include linguistics, literature, cultural studies, and international education.


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