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Alexander Engelmann, Mag.

Picture of Mag. Alexander Engelmann

Alexander Engelmann is a research associate at ISM.

He received a Mag. (Master equivalent) in Psychology from the University of Vienna.

Alexander’s research focuses strategic change in knowledge intensive firms and platform ecosystems.

He is a PhD candidate at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business and has several years of professional experience in management consulting.

Contact Alexander 

+43 1 313 36 5131 /

Selected Publications

Engelmann, A., Kump, B. and Schweiger, C. (2020). Clarifying the Dominant Logic Construct by Disentangling and Reassembling its Dimensions. International Journal of Management Reviews. doi:10.1111/ijmr.12227

Kump, B., Engelmann, A., Kessler, A., & Schweiger, C. (2019). Toward a dynamic capabilities scale: measuring organizational sensing, seizing, and transforming capacities. Industrial and Corporate Change28(5), 1149-1172.