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Renewable Energies in Austria - "Erneuerbare Energien in Österreich"

The annual study on "Renewable Energies in Austria" is a pulse check of Austrian citizens' renewable energy attitudes, associations, and investment intentions.

The study "Renewable Energies in Austria" (Erneuerbare Energien in Österreich) is a joint project between the ISM at WU, Deloitte Austria and Wien Energie.

Core themes of the study touch upon renewable energy technologies, decentralized energy generation and citizens' engagement, electric mobility, digitization, energy policy as well as willingness to pay.

Please get in touch with the authors Nina Hampl and Robert Sposato for feedback or inputs on the study's composition or results.

The following editions of the study have been released so far:

Press release 2016: Elektroautos: Für jede/n Zweite/n eine vorstellbare Option

Press release 2017: Erneuerbare Energien hoch im Kurs: Österreichs Jugend setzt verstärkt auf Elektromobilität

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