Blick auf das D4 und das AD Gebäude

Jakub Barszcz, M.A.

Where to find me?

Building D4 (Entrance B)
Room D4.2.234

Attention: Public access to the Institute is only available through the Department of Socioeconomics front office in Building D4, Level 3.

About me

Jakub is a tutor at the Institute of International Political Economy and helps with administering the course "Introduction to Research and Writing on Contemporary Policy Challenges II" (see Courses). He holds a Master's degree (MA (Soc Sci)) in Politics from the University of Glasgow. He is also currently studying at WU Vienna in the Master's programme Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy (SEEP), which he expects to complete in autumn 2023.

Before joining the Institute, Jakub worked in various fields - including a cooperative research project between Radboud University Nijmegen and the University of Glasgow in the field of international development. The project focused on the relationship between the governance of donor countries and the allocation and effectiveness of foreign aid. Prior to that, Jakub was also a co-organiser of an educational project dealing with awareness and knowledge of the inner functionings of the European Union and worked in NGOs in the field of politics.