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MSc in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control (SIMC)

SIMC Elective „Advanced Strategy & Organization“

The IOD offers an elective on “Advanced Strategy & Organization” in the SIMC Master every winter term. We will analyze a series of case studies on topics such as strategic leadership and decision making, managing organizational alignment and redesign, organizing for growth, and leading strategic change. The course is relevant for students interested in general management, strategic management, organization design, corporate development, management consulting, academia, and executive staffing and development.

More information about the new SIMC elective can be found in the WU course catalog. Please note that there are no courses in the winter term.

Student voices - What do course participants say about this elective?

  • I loved this course, it was short, but exactly on point!

  • I have never seen a class so involved in group discussions. The observations and comments were often really interesting and made me think outside of the box for multiple topics.

  • The 4-hour session conducted by the student groups was very good learning. It really helped me to get confident and be prepared for our future corporate roles.

  • Prof. Klarner is competent, cool and fun to work with.

  • I enjoyed dealing with topics in a practical way and have examples of managerial issue. I really like the course: I didn´t expect it!