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Prof. Klarner's study was discussed in the Irish Times

Prof. Klarner's research in the Irish Times!

New Challenges for Company Boards

Prof. Klarner on the role of company boards in long-term, high-risk innovative activities at the Prof. Klarner researches the question of the role of the supervisory board in…

Researcher of the Month

Prof. Dr. Patricia Klarner nominated Researcher of the Month April 2021

Invitation to the webinar "Agility in a Discordant World"

We cordially invite you to our webinar on "Agility in a Discordant World". We are looking forward to welcoming you!

In memory of Prof. Sucheta Nadkarni

We deeply mourn the loss of Professor Sucheta Nadkarni who died in October 2019. Prof. Nadkarni was a close collaborator in our research projects, and strong supporter of the Female Scholar Program,…

Invitation to the webinar "The Role of Data Analytics in Strategy & Organization Design"

We are looking forward to seeing you at the webinar "The Role of Data Analytics in Strategy & Organization Design"!

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Prof. Klarner at the 9th Österreichischem Aufsichtsratstags

On the 9th Austrian Supervisory Board Day, Prof. Klarner will give a lecture on the topic: "The sustainably successful company - the performance components of the Supervisory Board". The 9th Austrian…

New publication by Prof. Dr. Klarner on board governance of strategic activities

Prof. Dr. Klarner, together with her international co-authors Prof. Toru Yoshikawa (Singapore Management University) and Michael A. Hitt (Texas A&M University) has published a new article on board…

IOD at the Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual Conference in Paris

Prof. Klarner organized a panel session on “Executive Cognition and Strategy Process: Current Research Directions and Methodological Advancements” in cooperation with Andreas Schwab (Iowa State…