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Do Risk Prone CEOs Really Promote Innovation?

Prof. Klarner’s research with Prof. Lavie (Bocconi) on when a CEO’s risk propensity drives exploration in product development has been featured in Bocconi University’s Knowledge Magazine:…

Article on the future potential of organizational agility by Prof. Klarner on the WU research page:

We are looking for a new tutor!

We are hiring a new tutor for the winter term 2022/2023 (Description in German)

Doctoral seminar at the IOD

We were very pleased to welcome guests from Passau and Dortmund to our doctoral seminar!

Prof. Stevo Pavićević visited us!

This week we had the pleasure of hosting Stevo Pavićević, Assistant Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Stevo presented his research on "A Dyadic Interactionist Perspective on…

We are looking for a Teaching and Research Associate

Application deadline extended to August 3, 2022

Mario Justen receives the WU Talenta Award 2022

Congratulations, Mario Justen, for receiving the WU Talenta Award 2022 for your Bachelor Thesis! The Talenta Award is given to three outstanding WU Bachelor Theses every year. After having…

New publication by Prof. Lavie (Bocconi University) and Prof. Klarner in Strategy Science

When does a CEO’s risk propensity drive firm exploration in product development?

SBWL Messe Strategy & Organisation

How do I find the right specialization for my bachelor's degree? What interests me the most and what will help me for my career planning? What do I have to do to be admitted to the SBWL? We will…

Research Talk: Dr. Stevo Pavicevic

Dr. Stevo Pavicevic will talk about his recent research on Behavioural Strategy