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Esther Görnemann


Research and Teaching Assistant

  • Institute for Information Systems and Society

  • Tel: +43-1-31336-4445

  • E-mail: esther.goernemann [at] wu.ac.at

  • Office Hours: by e-mail appointment



Esther Görnemann joined the team at the Institute for Information Systems and Society in August 2016 as a project-related research associate for the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project "Privacy&Us". She holds a Master in International Marketing (M.A.) and a Master in Business Management (M.Sc.). Before joining WU, Esther worked as an Assistant Manager at KPMG in the areas of Finance and IT Advisory. Prior to that, she worked as Marketing and PR Manager at a project development company for photovoltaic power plants and in the international sales department of industrially manufactured PV components at Saint-Gobain Solar.

List of publications (>> FIDES)


In her research in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, Esther focuses on individual and societal impacts of digital technology and voice assistants in particular. She explores the value implications this technology can have in the lives of users, and how these impacts are emotionally experienced. In doing so, she considers both direct effects in perception and interaction as well as indirect, often long-term effects on users' social relationships and self-perception. In her recent publications, she developed a qualitative analysis method to capture and visualize the emotional perception of value implications (Emotion Value Assessment). From her findings, Esther tries to develop concrete design requirements and technical solutions.


In the bachelor course E-Marketing und Commerce II, Esther teaches marketing and commerce in the digital space. The course covers key metrics, useful tools and current trends in the digital advertising world. The foundation is a comprehensive look at typical inbound and outbound measures (e.g. SEM, SEO, display ads, video ads, influencer marketing). Her students learn how personalized advertising comes about and gain insights into current developments and socially relevant topics (e.g. microtargeting, geo-location tracking, attention economy and mobile marketing). During the course, the delicate balance of power between consumers and companies repeatedly comes into focus, in which consumers have gained a powerful voice through social media, but at the same time are becoming more transparent for companies and advertising networks.


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