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Esther Görnemann


Project Related Research Associate

  • Institute for Information Systems and Society

  • Tel: +43-1-31336-4445

  • E-mail: esther.goernemann [at] wu.ac.at

  • Office Hours: by e-mail appointment



Esther Görnemann joined the team at the Institute for Information Systems and Society in August 2016 as a project related research associate for the EU – funded project Privacy&Us. She has a Master in International Marketing and a Master in Business Management and user’s data sharing behavior, risk perception and data mining methods have been a core focus of her Masterthesis. Prior to working at the Institute for Management Information Systems, Esther worked as Assistant Manager for KPMG in Finance and IT Advisory. Having worked for several companies in the energy sector, she has 4 years professional experience in Marketing, Online Marketing, Public Relations and Sales.

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Research project

Her focus is research on psychology of data ownership. More concretely, she tries to understand the psychological bonds of users to their personal data and analyses reaction patterns when control over personal data or ownership of personal data is lost. She is part of the research project Privacy&Us, an innovative training network that addresses both current and future challenges in the area of privacy and usability. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Privacy&Us brings together early-stage and senior researchers with different backgrounds, seven universities, multiple Data Protection Authorities and companies to form a strong interdiscpiplinary team.


In the bachelor course E-Marketing and Commerce II, Ms. Görnemann covers marketing and commerce in the digital space. The course covers key metrics, useful tools and current trends in the digital advertising world. In addition to inbound and outbound measures, students deal with the changes brought about by social media and mobile devices. The focus is on the balance of power between consumers and companies, in which consumers have gained a powerful voice through social media, but at the same time are becoming visibly more transparent for entrepreneurs.


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