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Dinara Talypova


Teaching and Research Associate

  • Institute for Information Systems and Society

  • Tel: +43-1-31336-4467

  • E-mail: dinara.talypova [at] wu.ac.at

  • Office Hours: by e-mail appointment


Dinara joined the team at Institute for Information Systems and Society as a teaching and research associate in 2021. She has a background in Communications and Cognitive Sciences. Prior to working at WU Vienna, she did internships at the Austrian Institute of Technologies (Center for Technology Experience) and Complexity Science Hub Vienna (Emotional well-being in the digital society Team). Dinara’s Master thesis is dedicated to empathic interactions in computer-mediated communications.
Dinara has professional experience in the business sector, including IT and e-commerce fields, where she was working as a communications specialist for several years. 
Her main research interests focus on VR and other Immersive Technologies and their application for improving human cognitive abilities, such as cognitive flexibility, problem-solving and other aspects of creativity and non-standard thinking. The topic covers both the cultural & art applications of VR as well as the innovation sector for organizations. Dinara teaches a class on Internet Economics for Bachelor students.

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