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Anton Yeshchenko

Project staff member

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Department of Informations Systems and Operations
Institute for Information Business

Building D2, 3rd Floor
Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43-1-31336/6062
Consultation on Appointment

Anton Yeshchenko is a Project staff member at the Institute for Information Business at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU Vienna), Austria. He acquired bachelor in applied mathematics at Taras Shevchenko University (Ukraine) with the focus on operational research, that followed with two master degrees in software engineering, at the former university and at Tartu University (Estonia). He has worked at research institute FBK in Trento developing new methods in predictive monitoring of business processes. Also, he has a range of experiences with NLP, Algorithms, software development. Anton has a variety of interests including journalism, social issues, public speaking, sport.

Research Interests

  • Process mining

  • Predictive monitoring

  • Information systems

  • Machine learning