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New thesis topics for the summer semester online

We have now published the new thesis topics for the summer semester on­t-the­sis-­to­pics/.

If you are inte­rested in writing a thesis with us, you need to express your inte­rest by sending an email to back­of­ mentio­ning the topics you are inte­rested in plus a para­graph explai­ning what poten­ti­ally quali­fies you for this topic. As attach­ment, include a single PDF file with the file name „<studen­t-id>_<fami­ly-­name>_<topic-no>.PDF“, which contains both a CV and recent Sammel­zeugnis. Note that it is allowed to express inte­rest for more than one topic (as a list ordered by prefe­rence), but in such cases a sepa­rate moti­va­tion para­graph for each topic needs to be provided. Dead­line for expres­sion of inte­rest is FRI 22 April at 14:00.

Students will be assi­gned to topics based on their inte­rest and their prior know­ledge in rele­vant areas. This will be handled at the kickoff work­shop, taking place on MON 25 April 2016 from 9:00 to 11:00 in Room TC.4.03. This will be the singular oppor­tu­nity to sign up for a thesis topic in the summer semester. Note that we will only offer new thesis super­vi­sion in October 2016.

All students must fami­li­a­rize them­selves with the latest regu­la­tions of writing a thesis with our insti­tute summa­rized at­to-wri­te-a-thesis/.

We are looking forward to super­vi­sing you.

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