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Guest Talk: Zooming In and Out on Event Networks

Brian T. Pent­land
Michigan State Univer­sity

Date/Time: 11.05.2017, 10:00

Loca­tion: D2.2.094


Zooming is a popular meta­phor, but what does it mean to zoom in on sequen­tial/temporal pheno­mena, like processes, prac­tices and routines? In this talk, I want to discuss methods for "zooming in and out" on event networks using Thre­adNet, a soft­ware appli­ca­tion that weaves digital threads into networks of actions or events (­adNet). Unlike zooming in and out on an image (repre­sented as an array of pixels), or an on orga­niza­tion chart (repre­sented as a set of nested boxes), zooming in and out on an event network changes the defi­ni­tion of the vertices. This changes the struc­ture of the network in ways that can be surpri­sing. The fabric lite­r­ally looks diffe­rent, even though it is woven from the same threads.


Brian T. Pent­land received his PhD in Manage­ment from the Massa­chu­setts Insti­tute of Tech­no­logy in 1991 and SB in Mecha­nical Engi­nee­ring from the Massa­chu­setts Insti­tute of Tech­no­logy in 1981. His publi­ca­tions have appeared in Academy of Manage­ment Review, Accoun­ting, Orga­niza­t­ions and Society, Admi­nis­tra­tive Science Quar­terly, Manage­ment Science, Orga­niza­tion Science, YouTube and elsew­here. He is a reci­pient of the 2015-16 William J. Beal Outstan­ding Faculty Award. (­ty­staff/pent­land/).

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