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Guest Talk: Workflow diagrams for GIS software - testing of effective cognition

Zdena Dobe­sova, Ph.D. 

Date/Time: 21.03.2018, 17:30 

Loca­tion: D2.2.094 


The presen­ta­tion shows some exam­ples of work­flow diagrams for Geogra­phic Infor­ma­tion Systems (GIS soft­ware). Two possi­bi­li­ties of evalua­tion for graphic nota­tions could be considered. The first evalua­tion is by theory "Physics of Nota­tions". The second way is testing of reading of work­flow diagrams by eye-­tracking system. Eye-­tracking labo­ra­tory at Palacky Univer­sity in Olomouc (Czech Repu­blic) has been processed series of expe­ri­ments with reading of diagrams. Some prac­tical expe­ri­ments with work­flow diagrams will be presented.


She has several lectures for study branch Geoin­for­ma­tics and Geography at Palacky Univer­sity in Olomouc, Czech Repu­blic. Her rese­arch inte­rests are GIS, digital carto­graphy, the visual programming language in GIS, scrip­ting in Python for ArcGIS and rela­tional data­bases. She is and author of 8 books and more than 70 arti­cles from jour­nals and confe­rences. She received her habi­li­ta­tion in System Engi­nee­ring and Infor­ma­tion Science with theses Graphical Nota­tion of Visual Languages in GIS. More at: www.dobe­

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