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Guest Talk: The Open Curriculum project: Co-creation the syllabus with students and graduates on rapidly advancing business and technology areas

Prof. Eric Tsui 

Date/Time: 17.10.2018, 17:00 

Loca­tion: TC.5.16 


In today's networked economy, how to prepare our students to excel in a growing world of VUCA (vola­ti­lity, uncer­tainty, comple­xity and ambi­guity of general condi­tions and situa­tions)? How can we enhance students' learn to learn capa­bi­li­ties and confi­dence in presen­ta­tion? Have you thought about invol­ving students and graduates in updating your course syllabus? Come to this talk and learn how The Hong Kong Poly­technic Univer­sity and Potsdam Univer­sity, Germany have piloted a new learning pedagogy whereby students, teachers and graduates co-create a curri­culum via scenario deve­lop­ment. We shall discuss the design ratio­nale, the approach, ways to opera­tio­na­lise it, feed­back from students, graduates, teachers and more.


Prof Tsui joined Computer Sciences Corpo­ra­tion (CSC) in 1989 after years of academic rese­arch in auto­mated know­ledge acqui­si­tion, natural language proces­sing, case-­based reaso­ning and know­ledge engi­nee­ring tools. He has desi­gned and deli­vered numerous public and cust­om-­de­si­gned know­ledge manage­ment and tech­no­lo­gies work­shops. His rese­arch strengths include clou­d-­based busi­ness inno­va­tion and know­ledge services. He has also consulted for many govern­ment depart­ments and private orga­niza­t­ions in Australia, Hong Kong, Sing­a­pore, Malaysia, Thai­land and Brunei. Professor Tsui is an hono­rary advisor of KM to the Police College, Hong Kong Police Force. He is a reci­pient of the KM Leadership Award and KM and Intel­lec­tual Capital Excel­lence Award in 2014 and 2015 respec­tively. (­t-us/staf­f-­pro­file)

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