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Guest Talk: The entire new challenges, and opportunities, for BPM

Prof. Dr. Michael Rose­mann

Date/Time: 12.07.2018 09:00 - 10:00

Loca­tion: TC.4.03


Busi­ness Process Manage­ment is conducted in the context of a larger economic envi­ron­ment, fast moving demo­gra­phic and societal changes, tech­no­lo­gical inno­va­tion and entire para­digm shifts. This presen­ta­tion will look back and forward by charac­te­ri­sing the requi­re­ments, achie­ve­ments, but in parti­cular upco­ming chal­lenges and oppor­tu­nities for BPM in four stages, i.e. engi­nee­ring excel­lence, corpo­rate excel­lence, cust­omer excel­lence and societal excel­lence. As most BPM activi­ties in prac­tice and academia are still in stage 2, there will be a number of exciting and rewar­ding pathways for rese­ar­cher who like to make rigo­rous, high impact cont­ri­bu­tions in an incre­a­singly oppor­tu­ni­ty­-­rich envi­ron­ment. This presen­ta­tion will provide first insights into Michael’s upco­ming book (A Digital Mind).


Dr Michael Rose­mann is Professor for Infor­ma­tion Systems and the Execu­tive Director, Corpo­rate Enga­ge­ment, at Queens­land Univer­sity of Tech­no­logy. For seven years, he has been the Head of QUT’s Infor­ma­tion Systems School, a time during which he esta­blished the Wool­worths Chair in Retail Inno­va­tion, the Bris­bane Airport Chair in Airport Inno­va­tion and the PwC Chair in Digital Economy. Passio­nate about inno­va­tive, inter-­di­sci­pli­nary and applied BPM, his work has among others initiated rese­arch in the areas of quality of process model­ling, confi­gurable process model­ling, contex­t-a­ware BPM, BPM matu­rity, systemic process inno­va­tion, rapid process rede­sign (NESTT) and ambi­dex­trous BPM. Michael has been the host of the first Inter­na­tional BPM confe­rence outside Europe and conducted invited keynote presen­ta­tions at the most signi­fi­cant academic and profes­sional BPM confe­rences globally. He is a Program Co-Chair of ICIS 2018. Michael is the author/editor of seven books, more than 280 refe­reed papers, Edito­rial Board member of ten inter­na­tional jour­nals and co-in­ventor of US patents. His publi­ca­tions have been trans­lated into Russian, Mandarin, German and Portu­guese. His rese­arch projects received funding from industry part­ners such as Accen­ture, Infosys, PwC, Rio Tinto, SAP and Wool­worths. Michael provides advice to senior execu­tives from diverse indus­tries such as tele­com­mu­ni­ca­tion, finance, insurance, profes­sional services, utility, retail, public sector, logis­tics and the film industry. Michael is also the Hono­rary Consul for Germany in Sout­h-East Queens­land and created in this role the David meets Goliath series, the Austra­li­an-­German Star­t-up Hub Summit and the Bris­bane German Week.

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