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Guest Talk: The entire new challenges, and opportunities, for BPM

Prof. Dr. Michael Rosemann

Date/Time: 12.07.2018 09:00 - 10:00

Location: TC.4.03


Business Process Management is conducted in the context of a larger economic environment, fast moving demographic and societal changes, technological innovation and entire paradigm shifts. This presentation will look back and forward by characterising the requirements, achievements, but in particular upcoming challenges and opportunities for BPM in four stages, i.e. engineering excellence, corporate excellence, customer excellence and societal excellence. As most BPM activities in practice and academia are still in stage 2, there will be a number of exciting and rewarding pathways for researcher who like to make rigorous, high impact contributions in an increasingly opportunity-rich environment. This presentation will provide first insights into Michael’s upcoming book (A Digital Mind).


Dr Michael Rosemann is Professor for Information Systems and the Executive Director, Corporate Engagement, at Queensland University of Technology. For seven years, he has been the Head of QUT’s Information Systems School, a time during which he established the Woolworths Chair in Retail Innovation, the Brisbane Airport Chair in Airport Innovation and the PwC Chair in Digital Economy. Passionate about innovative, inter-disciplinary and applied BPM, his work has among others initiated research in the areas of quality of process modelling, configurable process modelling, context-aware BPM, BPM maturity, systemic process innovation, rapid process redesign (NESTT) and ambidextrous BPM. Michael has been the host of the first International BPM conference outside Europe and conducted invited keynote presentations at the most significant academic and professional BPM conferences globally. He is a Program Co-Chair of ICIS 2018. Michael is the author/editor of seven books, more than 280 refereed papers, Editorial Board member of ten international journals and co-inventor of US patents. His publications have been translated into Russian, Mandarin, German and Portuguese. His research projects received funding from industry partners such as Accenture, Infosys, PwC, Rio Tinto, SAP and Woolworths. Michael provides advice to senior executives from diverse industries such as telecommunication, finance, insurance, professional services, utility, retail, public sector, logistics and the film industry. Michael is also the Honorary Consul for Germany in South-East Queensland and created in this role the David meets Goliath series, the Australian-German Start-up Hub Summit and the Brisbane German Week.

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