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Guest Talk: The BigDataEurope platform and the SANSA stack

Patrick West­phal, M.Sc. 

Date/Time: 14. November 2017, 11:00 

Loca­tion: D2.2.094 


The manage­ment and analy­tics of the nowa­days vastly growing amounts of data suggests the appli­ca­tion of Big Data frame­works like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark or Apache Flink. The BigDa­ta­Eu­rope (BDE) EU project aims to provide access to such tech­no­lo­gies in an adap­table, easy-­to-­de­ploy and easy-­to-use way, thus lowering the usage barrier consider­ably. However, in terms of semantic data these Big Data frame­works do not provide native support for mana­ging, for example, RDF triples or OWL axioms, and thus require manual effort for data conver­sion. The goal of the SANSA stack is to close this gap allo­wing to read, mani­pu­late, analyze and write huge amounts of RDF and OWL data. The presen­ta­tion will give an intro­duc­tion to the main archi­tec­ture of the BDE plat­form and the SANSA stack. After touching on the BDE compo­n­ents and their func­tions, we will go through the respec­tive layers of the SANSA stack and give usage exam­ples.


Patrick West­phal is a PhD student in the Smart Data Analy­tics group. His main rese­arch inte­rest is struc­tured machine learning and its appli­ca­tions to Big Data and life sciences problems. He is cont­ri­bu­ting to the DL-Le­arner frame­work for super­vised machine learning in OWL, RDF and Descrip­tion Logics, and is also part of the SANSA-Stack deve­lop­ment team.

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