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Guest Talk: Semantic methods for biomedical knowledge discovery

Michel Dumon­tier
Asso­ciate Professor of Medi­cine (Biome­dical Infor­ma­tics), Stan­ford Univer­sity
Chair of the W3C Semantic Web for Health Care and the Life Sciences Inte­rest Group

Date/Time: 04.04.2016, 11:00

Loca­tion: D2.2.094


With its focus on inves­ti­ga­ting the basis for the sustained exis­tence of living systems, modern biology has always been a fertile, if not chal­len­ging, domain for know­ledge disco­very. Despite the exis­tence of millions of scien­tific arti­cles, thousands of data­bases, and hund­reds of onto­lo­gies, our ability to effi­ci­ently reuse our collec­tive know­ledge is hampered by incom­pa­tible formats, partial and over­lap­ping stan­dards, and hete­ro­ge­neous data access. I will discuss our efforts to struc­ture biome­dical know­ledge so that it becomes easier to test hypo­theses and make predic­tions for drug disco­very and drug safety. As the amount of linked open data increases and the port­folio of semantic tech­no­lo­gies conti­nues to mature, rese­ar­chers world­wide will be stra­te­gi­cally poised to pursue incre­a­singly sophis­ti­cated know­ledge disco­very to under­stand human health and disease.



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