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Guest Talk: Organizational routines, habits, and their operationalization

Prof. Markus Becker 

Date/Time: 14.12.2018, 13:00 

Location: D2.2.094 


Organizational routines have drawn much attention in several streams of research. However, empirical research on organizational routines is complicated by the fact that there are still different ideas in the literature on what organizational routines are, and how to operationalize them. Taking into account research on habits, the individual-level equivalent of organizational routines, in this talk I take stock of ways of operationalizing habits and organizational routines, to explore opportunities for empirical research that involves organizational routines.


Markus C. Becker is Professor at the Strategic Organization Design unit (, University of Southern Denmark, and affiliated with the Danish Institute for Advanced Study ( His research focuses on how organizations adapt and learn, especially if work in organizations is to some degree accomplished through organizational routines. For instance, he is particularly interested in the role of organizational routines in organizational adaptation. He is member of the Editorial Review Board of Organization Science. His work has appeared in journals such as Organization Science and the Strategic Management Journal, among others.

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