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Guest Talk: Organizational Forgetting and Unlearning

Adrian Klammer, PhD 

Date/Time: 19.04.2018, 14:00 

Location: D2.2.094 


Despite increasing interest in the past years, the field of organizational unlearning and forgetting is still characterized by a fragmented understanding due to a lack of theoretical and empirical research. The purpose of my research is to contribute to the fields of unlearning and forgetting by theoretically and empirically examining antecedents, outcomes, and processes of knowledge loss. Based on a multiple case study design, I propose a process model of unlearning and forgetting elements in new product development teams. I suggest control mechanisms to successfully manage the inability to unlearn and involuntary forgetting processes. Managers should introduce unlearning practices and diminish forgetting in order to efficiently and effectively optimize their knowledge base and their ability to respond to the necessity of keeping up with constant changes in our environment.

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