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Guest Talk: On-Demand and Batch Resource Allocation

Michael Arias Chaves

Date/Time:18.01.2017, 10:30

Loca­tion: D2.2.094


Nowa­days, dynamic resource allo­ca­tion is considered a major chal­lenge in the context of Busi­ness Process Manage­ment. At the opera­tional level, flexible methods are required that support resource allo­ca­tion and take account of diffe­rent criteria at run-­time. Further­more, it is important that these methods support multiple allo­ca­tions in a simul­ta­neous manner.   

This talk will present a frame­work based on multi-­factor criteria that can be used to recom­mend the most suitable resources for execu­ting diffe­rent activi­ties, taking into account indi­vi­dual requests (on-de­mand) or requests made in blocks (batch). The frame­work proposes a recom­mender system based on two methods:

  1. resource allo­ca­tion based on Integer Linear Programming; and

  2. resource recom­men­da­tion based on the Best Posi­tion Algo­rithm.

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